Mari Collier
ASIN: B0173UA72A
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 292

Antoinette is in danger.After Red O'Neal delivers a beating to his half-brother Daniel for courting his sister Antoinette, she is sent to a convent until agreeing to marry an older, wealthier man.But after Antoinette manages to send a letter to her betrothed Lorenz MacDonald about the danger, he rescues her. Soon after, a neighboring ranch is attacked by Comanche raiders, and Antoinette and her mother-in-law are caught in a fight for life and death.Can their family survive the dangers of the violent Western frontier?Praise from readers:★★★★★ - "Fantastic character development... twists, turns and surprises kept me turning the pages. I'm looking forward to the next Mari Collier novel."★★★★★ - "This is a story that can captivate generation after generation, filled with well-researched ideas and powerful imagery."
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