Taneshia Kerr
ASIN: B0176W6QV6
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Pages: 226

At 4 a.m. my water broke. I screamed and argued with the nurses because it was 14 weeks too soon. What’s going to happen to my twins, Can they survive if they’re this early? Lord why would you let this happen? Are my babies going to die? It’s hard to put into words the absolute fear and the depth of guilt that goes through a mother who experiences this. Over the next few months I felt deep anger whenever someone told me congratulations and my heart mourned the loss of my third trimester. But there was no time to grieve my pain.The twins were here. At just over a pound and a half each, they were here. And the game changed. And the plan changed. And I had to change because I was now a NICU mom. And that's a whole different ballgame. And it's a steep learning curve. And when you find yourself in that position; where there are two lives that are completely dependent on you, you have to ...
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