Tish Davis
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 147

Rose Hawthorne’s world is turned upside after her father’s death. Her brother ran the company into the ground, he gambled away their inheritance, and now he’s lost their home. He’s decided to seek his fortune in Colorado by buying a goldmine and striking it rich. As Rose’s guardian, he orders her to go with him, and she has to obey him until she’s married. She doesn’t want to abandon her life in Boston but her brother leaves her no choice. The two gather the last of their possessions and travel to the tiny mining camp of Manhattan, Colorado, nestled forty-five miles west of Fort Collins. The land is rugged and the miners are uncivilized, yet Rose knows the Lord will provide for her. Somehow she will survive this trial and carve out a living for herself. And soon the Lord will give her the means and the way to get back home to Boston.If she can keep her brother away from ...
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