Sedric Horn Horn
ASIN: B017C7X9Y2
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 411

Michael and Michelle were born into a world of chaos and destruction. The twins must learn to overcome these forces of destruction if they are going to survive. Their mother, trying to escape the abuse of their troubled father, runs into the arms of a dark and mysterious stranger she knows little about. But is he the man he portrays himself to be? Michael and Michelle quickly learn that they must depend on each other if they are going to survive the darkness that seeks to tear them apart. A story of innocence lost, of innocence stolen. Together the twins must learn to find the courage to heal and to become victims no longer. Warning: This book contains graphic scenes depicting child sexual abuse, psychological abuse, physical abuse, emotional abuse, teen drug abuse, teen alcohol abuse, teen suicide, teen bullying, and domestic violence.
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