Robert Campbell
Publisher: Ayeshire Publishing
Pages: 211

***Edgar and Anthony Award Winning Author*** Jimmy returns from a vacation down in New Orleans and finds that old Mrs. Banjo is dead and his chinaman Chips Devlin is in big trouble. Jimmy cashes in favors all over town and discovers the seemy side of Chicago politics and nursing home corruption. Late night phone calls and multiple murders lead Jimmy to feel that something stinks worse than the Chicago sewers, and if he don't find out what, his old pal Devlin could end up in a box.Jimmy Flannery MysteriesThe Junkyard DogThe 600 Pound GorillaHip-Deep in AlligatorsThinning the Turkey HerdThe Cat's MeowNibbled to Death by DucksThe Gift Horse's Mouth In A Pig's EyeSauce for The GooseThe Lion's SharePigeon's Pie
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