Sarah Miller
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 86

An Amish Baby is due, can the mother accept Gods gift of love? Gabe Schrock is all alone in an empty house. Caring for his family after his parents died, took all his time and energy. The one girl he loved was married to another man and had moved away. So when a door was opened, and there stood Katie Lantz, his world was all a tumble.Katie was pregnant and had never looked more beautiful, but her heart holds a dark secret. So long she prayed for happiness and an end to her sorrow. Blessed with the gift of a child she hoped her life would be better. But then her husband died and she came back to Faith’s Creek full of guilt and sadness and losing her faith.Can God’s gift of love bring these two together to care for an Amish Christmas Baby or will her guilt pull them apart?This is a sweet, clean and inspirational Amish Romance and is part of the much loved Amish Brides In Faith's Creek ...
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