Evan Bollinger
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 189

Eat it once, live it forever... For Lacey Stamford, life is life. Mom to two, wife to none. Until one hot spring afternoon, when a simple, harmless decision changes it all. Now, thrust suddenly into a world she's never known, this lost soul must face the impossible: a force so evil, so unpredictable, it could destroy millions. That is, if she refuses its ultimatum. Aided by her 'gifted' son and the incomparable neuroscientist Sebastian Cannery, Lacey must plunge headfirst into the unspeakable. A dark underworld of deceivers, corrupters, and cold-blooded conglomerates. The choice is hers: endanger her children and the new love of her life... or risk the very fate of humanity itself...Who thought ice cream would be so difficult?
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4.5 stars from 11 ratings
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