Charmaine Thaner
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Bringing Cookies to IEP Meetings Will Only Get You So Far!You’ve gone to IEP workshop after IEP workshop, searched for answers at conferences, done late night research on the internet, and yet you still have those guilty feelings that you’re not doing a good enough job advocating for your child.It takes more than gathering records, giving factual information or reciting research and the law to be a successful advocate for your child.With clarity, honesty, and insights Charmaine Thaner shares how to be a more effective advocate for your own child. After reading The Art of Advocacy: A Parent’s Guide to a Collaborative IEP Process, parents will know:* that certain finesse that is necessary when dealing with disagreements* how asking the right question will get you the right answer* the secrets to creative problem solving when the team has hit a roadblock Readers will also receive ...
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