Grace Bluerock
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 40

For years, Grace Bluerock was unhappy and unmotivated in her work. She was in a well-respected industry but still found herself wanting more. Finally understanding that no matter how many times she changed jobs, her dissatisfaction kept returning. Grace began to dig deeply into her passions, interests, talents and strengths and was able to make a transition to doing work she loves. When readers start to connect the dots, they will understand that to be truly happy, they must find that elusive intersection between what they love and what the world needs. Having a thorough understanding of their values, personality traits, passions, skills, and talents can help the reader identify patterns that point them in the direction of work they love. Grace Bluerock helps the reader identify their dissatisfaction, understand what genuinely matters, and create a plan to move forward toward ...
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