Jennifer Martucci
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 466

She’s spent her life in hiding. When disaster flushes her into the open, will she become prey… or a deadly predator?Boxed Set: Dive into dystopian darkness with 500+ pages of edge-of-your-seat post-apocalyptic adventures.Avery aches with loneliness. Driven by the need to protect her little sister, the seventeen-year-old survivor keeps them secluded deep in the forest while yearning for some form of human contact. But after her discovery of a family living nearby, the teenaged orphan is devastated when the mutants that now rule the planet attack them.Banding together with another group of young people, Avery’s unblinking vigilance is the one thing separating them from becoming fodder in their enemy’s arena of death. But the plucky girl is haunted by the knowledge that a single misstep will expose her growing flock to starvation, savages, and slaughter.Is Avery’s white-knuckled ...
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