Shannon Avangeline
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 405

**Nominated for Best YA Book of 2016, Best YA Paranormal Book of 2016, and Best New YA Author of 2016 by Metamorph Publishing and Best YA Book and Best YA Author by Spunky & Sassy's Best of the Best 2016.**What if you had a destiny you knew nothing about?What if it was to kill the boy you love?Being sixteen is hard. Paige Thornton doesn’t even feel like she belongs in her own family! So she really shouldn’t be that upset that her flighty mom has uprooted her and her twin sisters again to drag them to live with their Grams in Seahaven, NC. However, Seahaven is full of surprises for Paige. A new school, a gorgeous new boy, and a magical heritage that she had no idea about. But somehow this boy, Luc, is too perfect. Lucian Burke knows that he shouldn’t let himself get too close to Paige. He’s only supposed to watch her and report back. Unfortunately, things don’t always ...
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