Victoria Minks
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 192

Christmas is a day of forgiveness, love, God, and family, no matter where you live or when you lived. These stories will take you somewhere long ago, and yet much like today.With a touch of humor and a family-loving gentleness, these stories carry all the hope of Christmas. The Wind Chimes-- Still bitter over a hurtful mistake a year ago, Martin Roebuck meets the despised doctor on Christmas Eve.The Two Runaways-- Lost while running away from home, Albert Russell is taken in by an old man, who seems to also have past grievances.On the Fourth Floor-- Though living on the same floor, George Nolan and Christin Rimmers overlook each other-- until a common challenge brings them together the night before Christmas Eve.The Spinster-- Wanting to avoid Christmas loneliness, Milly Lambert finds herself in the cabin of an old woman who holds a wise secret.The Broken Man-- Criminal Arch Fisher ...
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