Wendy Saunders
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 510

The Guardians Series 1: Book 1When you’re the daughter of a murderer, how do you convince everyone that the apple fell nowhere near the damn tree? Olivia West had no intention of ever returning to her hometown of Mercy, Massachusetts. A sleepy town full of mystery and secrets, legend has it was founded by the survivors of the Salem witch trials. Olivia hadn’t set foot on Mercy soil since the fateful night her father murdered her mother, but when she unexpectedly inherits a house by the lake she has no choice but to return.The closer she gets to town, the more she feels a strange and compelling pull, something dark and ancient stirs beneath the surface of the quiet little town and it wants her to come home.When the bodies of missing residents are discovered in the woods near her house, it becomes clear there is a killer on the loose, even more disturbing is that the murders are ...
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