Fielding Thomas
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 59

This biting satire about a young family lost in a remote jungle while on vacation offers an unconventional examination of the battle between the sexes. Stranded in foreign surroundings through a freakish accident, the group must race against time for salvation. As their situation becomes increasingly dire, their only chance for survival hinges on the less than heroic father Jim. Or, so he believes. Guilt-ridden and incapable of rising to the task, Jim's mind unravels as the pressure mounts. Meanwhile, his wife and young children cope as best as they can. In the face of impending doom, can he overcome his greatest hindrance--himself--to save them? Or, will he fritter away any chance of rescue and redemption, preoccupied by the incessant meandering of his own thoughts. This inventive farce about a man's ego and his unflagging ability to vilify those he is supposed to be saving twists in a ...
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