Steve Pease
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Do you love to take pictures?Has this ever happened to you?You're with your friends and something memorable is happening and you want to capture it so you take some pictures that you will want to keep as memories. You get home and upload them to your computer so you can do some post processing, or just check them out. And maybe you will get some prints made. But your photos are blurry. Not terrible, but not good enough to print. You got some pictures that you can save for memories on your phone, but they look terrible any bigger. Taking great pictures with a phone camera is harder than with an SLR. A lot of the reason is that the iPhone is lighter, which makes it harder to hold still, and you are likely taking those types of pictures while having fun, and not really thinking about taking pictures.Top 10 reasons why your photos are not as good as you would like.* blurry photos* focus in ...
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