Herby Fabius
ASIN: B017PK4Y36
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Pages: 66

Is there something stopping you from launching your business idea? Do you ever feel like you can do more, but there's something weighing you down? If you answer YES to any of these questions, then "EXCUSES" is for you!What this book offers:"EXCUSES: Top 50 Excuses and False Statements Stopping You from Launching Your Business Idea" discusses the everyday excuses preventing you from following your dreams. Excuses are productivity killers. Here we share how to avoid them. Also, within this book is the top 20 Bad Reasons to start a business and motivational tips.How this book is different...This book is about sharing popular EXCUSES just as much as my own. Learn how to step away from your comfort zone to stop making EXCUSES, and start taking ACTION!
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