Barbara York McDaniel
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 272

Are you sick, but doctors can’t diagnose the disease? Do you feel desperate for answers because despair has taken over? Or, maybe you have been diagnosed with a disease for which there is no cure. Perhaps you are struggling with addiction, and you feel frightened and depressed. You may have been convinced there are not answers for what ails you. In this book are answers, and hope for a bright future. You will find secret nuggets of wisdom, instruction and truths, along with some amazing stories; examples of what God can do for you by learning what He wants from you. This book is about four generations of an ordinary family who experienced amazing stories of divine healing miracles. When doctors gave up, their faith took over. The author shares personal stories of healing disease and addictions with a refreshing openness not often found. She teaches you how to build faith through the use ...
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