Steven Bird
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 266

From the author of Breaking the Beast, the award-winning thriller, Erebus, and The New Homefront Series comes The Shepherd: Society Lost, Volume One, the first installment of the four-book Society Lost Series.The Shepherd is the first installment of the post-apocalyptic and dystopian thrill ride of the Society Lost Series! If you like SHTF, TEOTWAWKI, vigilante justice, prepper, dystopian, post-apocalyptic tales filled with action, adventure, tragedy, and triumph, join Jessie Townsend as he and his family struggle in a collapsing and uncertain world.The Shepherd: Society Lost, is an action-packed post-apocalyptic thrill ride detailing the struggles of former Sheriff Jessie Townsend as he and his family seek shelter from a crumbling world with a self-sufficient life on a homestead deep in the Rocky Mountains. Sanctuary soon becomes what he meant to escape, peaceful bliss slipping into ...
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