Jason Hall
ASIN: B017S2R140
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 62

This book is a collection of thoughts and stories, from a dad who started his adventures in parenting a little early! The message is one of love and positivity, delivered through the brutal honesty of a former angry alcoholic, to a much improved husband and father. It’s funny, sad, happy, upsetting, and every other emotion one can experience while being married, and raising children. The reason behind the book is simple? Why allow others to travel down a hard path, if you can help guide them towards a better and easier one. One of happiness and fulfillment. This collection of honest, emotional life experiences has been gathered so others may avoid some of the common failures that humans make as parents, spouses, and to themselves. A treasure map is full of clues. An abstract path to untold fortunes. Let this be your treasure map in your personal journey. It’s an easy to read guide, with ...
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