Tia Silverthorne Bach
Publisher: Tia Silverthorne Bach
Pages: 312

An ancient prophecy set forth her ultimate destiny:Destroy the lawless ones or Hell’s gate will burst open.So much has changed since Reagan shifted for the first time. She found the grandfather and brother she thought were dead, reunited with her grandmother and aunt, met a twin sister for the first time, discovered a powerful magic pulsing through their family’s veins, fell in love, and became part of a pack.Evil also came into Reagan’s life in the form of Rafe, a madman who commands a demon-werewolf army. He’ll stop at nothing to destroy everything good. Destiny may have determined Reagan’s fate, but she refuses to allow it to define her path. To save the world, she must: Gather powerful allies.Call forth a team of angels.Form an unholy alliance.Discover an angel sword.Survive devastating losses.Along the way, Reagan will discover that strength comes from faith, from ...
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