Will K. Johnson
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 21

Are you prepared to survive when society breaks down and the rule of law no longer applies?Will you be able to provide for your family when the grid goes down and desperate bands of thugs look for easy targets to loot and attack?Discover...* The U.S. military tactics that will protect your family before and during SHTF even if you don't have firearms or know self-defense.* How to become digitally "invisible" so you don't get tracked everywhere you go.* Are you or your kids in danger of being targeted by the bad guys on Facebook or Twitter? Find out.* How you should talk to your family and friends so things don't turn ugly when SHTF.* How to be more self sufficient when society collapses.* How to find the money to build your off grid homestead.* How to preserve your food so it doesn't go bad.* The best, most nutritious method of long term storage.* How to inhibit bacteria and slow down ...
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