S. D. Morrison
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 70

#1 CHRISTIAN ESCHATOLOGY - #1 RELIGION & SPIRITUALITY (SHORT READS) -#1 CHRISTIAN THEOLOGY - (from November 2015)Is the rapture fact of fiction? In this new book by author and theologian S. D. Morrison, find out why he believes the rapture must be left behind for good. Written to offer hope for the end times, this book seeks to dismantle the rapture, revealing it for the heresy it is. Thoughtful and clear, this book promises to challenge your understanding of the end times, and give you the courage to leave the rapture behind.Subjects include the origin of the rapture, the rapture and the Bible, church history and the rapture, Gnosticism, escapism, end times theology, eschatology, the nature of Jesus, and more. This book was written to be given away for free as an ebook. Please feel free to share it with whoever may need its message.
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