Lee Wardlow
ASIN: B0181IY56M
Publisher: Createspace
Pages: 411

Harper Danner was not known for making dumb decisions. She had made a doozy this time. He was sweet and charming. Handsome. It ran in the family. All three Daughtry men plus their father had received plenty of sexy from the gene pool. Harper’s sister Jorga had married the oldest Daughtry son Beau.Why did Harper let Colton into her hotel room? She had feelings for him and not just the lust fueled kind. He pushed her against the wall. His big muscular body pressing against hers. Who could resist those big brown eyes? Harper didn’t stop him when her panties started sliding down her body. He made her feel things that she had never felt with any man before.She woke up the morning after their sibling’s wedding. An amazing night of love making with an amazing man to an empty bed. No Colton. He had slipped out while she was sleeping. To make matters worse. Six weeks later Harper was tossing her ...
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