Isabella Bleszynski
Pages: 492

1798. South east Africa A brooding storm. A terrified, brutalised young boy. An urgent appeal to the amadhlozi, his ancestors… A moment in time is all it takes… to replace fear with courage…and to change the course of history. And so it began… the rise from poverty and destitution to the spearheading of a mighty nation…the man who would one day become the mightiest warrior king of them all. Shaka of the Zulus. When 15-year old Shaka publicly defies the powerful father who abandoned him as a child, the heavens respond with brutal force. When all around him flee in terror – only one stands with him, LANGANI, the four-year old who loves to dance. Years later, during the trial of a notorious witch, they meet again. Shaka, now King of the Zulus, is at the peak of his powers, while his former partner of the dance, Langani, has become a mystical prophet and a man of ...
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