Michael Devaney
ASIN: B0184QU2W2
Publisher: Michael Devaney
Pages: 87

When a mysterious Death Mask is found hidden in an abandoned Pennsylvania farmhouse and put up for auction to the highest bidder, rumors about its haunted past spark interest from the media and turn the mask into a highly anticipated sensation. But perhaps some things should remain hidden.On the eve of the mask’s inaugural display, dedicated curator for the Atlanta Museum of Curiosities, Andria Walker, is alone in the museum and attending to last minute details when she discovers the mask to be alive and uttering strange riddles.After fleeing the building amid her screams of terror, Andria is left to convince herself, and the police, that she’s not crazy. When no one is willing to listen, Andria enlists the help of local police detective, Finnegan Winters, to accompany her on an eye-opening investigation to solve the bizarre mystery. What they uncover is a jaw-dropping surprise of ...
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