JR Little
ASIN: B01864E4JE
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 216

The old ways of marketing and branding don’t work any more. It’s a new world out there. Social media has changed everything about branding and marketing. What has emerged is a whole new world of exciting possibilities for both the consumer and for business.That is, if you can become a listening brand.With the power of persuasion now moving from company to consumer, you need to understand this change and what it means for advertising and marketing.From a branding expert who has felt the paradigm shifting under his feet comes Listening Brands. Author JR Little is one of the few creative marketing professionals with a deep understanding of social media and how it can reveal exactly what consumers want. In this book you will:- Learn the number one attribute of a listening brand- Discover how to build an effective listening infrastructure- Understand the different types of social data ...
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