Jacqueline Francis
ASIN: B01875MR0U
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 354

“Will you love me for the rest of my life?”    “No…I’ll love you for the rest of mine.”Best friends falling in love seems like the makings of a happy ending - or not?Advertising execs, Rodriqua Phillips and Adrian Hawk have been good friends for three years, when their easy relationship turns passionate and things become complicated.As a young boy, Adrian lost his mother in a tragic car accident, and seeing how his father's soul also died along with the love of his life, Adrian vowed to never let another woman close enough to his own heart. He keeps a journal with all his conquests and one-night stands and shares snippets of the stories with Rodriqua, who affectionately likens him to a Hawk. She finally breaks down some of his defences, but will he let her in, or will he always try to distance himself?When a moment of madness ends their short-lived romance, Rodriqua moves ...
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