Julia Kent
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 198

It all started with a game of Truth or Dare…It’s bad enough I got arrested for prostitution on Christmas Eve. Alleged prostitution, mind you. I didn’t do it. Of course I didn’t. The cops say I offered up a certain sex act for a $5 gasoline gift card, but honey? My sex acts are worth way, way more.So when I tried to explain what happened to the person who came and bailed me out of jail, she wasn’t exactly impressed.Because it was my boyfriend’s mother.Now, I got two boyfriends, so Murphy’s Law said it had to be the mother I hate the most. And she hates me right back. Even more now that I lost her son.That’s right. Where in the hell are Joe and Trevor? It’s Christmas Eve, and I keep getting pictures on social media showing Joe and Trevor all oiled up in g-strings that look like candy canes, dancing with a bunch of well-coiffed older women.I, on the other hand, am wearing ...
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