David Ramos
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 137

God loves using works in progress. What kind of people does God use to accomplish His extraordinary plans? Does He call the perfect ones? Or does He reach down into this messy world and use the people we would never expect?The grandson of Abraham was no angel. Jacob began his life in turmoil and succeeded through deception. He was a character controlled by fear, the last person we would ever expect God to use.But God saw different. He entered Jacob’s messy life and took him on an unforgettable journey towards his purpose.If you’ve ever felt like God can’t use you or like your past has kept you from the life you want to live, this book is for you. Escaping with Jacob will help you transform into the person God has called you to be so that you can live the extraordinary story He is writing for you!
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4.5 stars from 22 ratings
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