Sydney -
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 94

Nacole felt like she had it all great career loving children and the man of her dreams. Sure he wasn't perfect but after years of being together she had learned to accept Rich flaws and all. But when his flaws come in the physical form of Gina his sexy side chick Nacole is left holding the pieces.“Here you go again with that.”“Damn right here I go again, wanting my so called man, the father of my children to live with me.” She raised her voice again looking at him as he sat up out of her lap. “We discussed this before. We tried and it didn’t work.”“And I still don’t get it; explain it one more time because it would have worked if you had of brought your ass home at night.”“My publicist doesn’t feel like fans would be receptive to the whole girlfriend, kid’s, family thing at this point in my career.”“So you think it’s better to deny our children?”
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