Lexel J. Green
Publisher: GCC Books
Pages: 298

From author Lexel J. Green comes a sword and sorcery series that mixes epic fantasy with steampunkish adventure and a twist you won’t see coming.SOMETIMES MAGIC IS MORE TROUBLE THAN IT’S WORTH. Ember Cobb has sunk as low as a man can go - he’s lost his home, his wife, even one of his eyes. As a former spellcaster and imperial legionnaire, the only thing Ember knows how to do is fight. So when he takes a mercenary job at a far-flung fortress, it’s a chance to put the past behind him. To redirect his pain and anger.But his past isn’t so easily forgotten. Hundreds of miles away in the imperial capital, a brutal murder sparks a desperate grab for power. On one side, Ember’s old friend Colonel Lokke de Calvas, a man of honour and principle. On the other, the mysterious Tydek Mordume, a bureaucrat who will do whatever it takes to win.Over seven days, the lives of these three men ...
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4.5 stars from 45 ratings
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