Kay Brody
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 56

ALSO AVAILABLE IN AUDIOBOOK & PAPERBACK (REGULAR & GIANT PRINT) VERSIONS RIGHT HERE ON AMAZON!Book 1 in this serial,Left Holding His Baby, is ALWAYS FREE on Amazon!Atreus Kostas, The Greek Tycoon, has recovered his son from the deranged ex-boyfriend of his fiancé, Carla. Now he's arranged for Carla to meet him at his private Bahamian island so they can be together until he can figure out how to keep his family safe from Brian. But Carla has two surprises for Atreus: one is that she is pregnant with his baby and the other is that Brian is on the plane with her.Will Atreus be able to take care of Brian once and for all once they are face to face? Will Brian's plan to ambush Atreus give him the upper hand he desires? How will Atreus handle the news that Carla is pregnant?Find out in Back In His Arms!”The Greek Tycoon" is a romantic short story serial by Kay Brody, author of "Nick & ...
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