Cassidy Raine Wolters
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 274

This adventure tale springs from the tradition of the old movie serials that directly inspired George Lucas and Steven Spielberg to make the Indiana Jones series.In order to prove himself worthy of a beautiful, young lady from high society, John, a poor but talented jack of all trades, sets out to find the legendary lost tomb of Amun-Ra. He recruits Francois, a brilliant but neurotic linguist, to help him decipher the mysterious hieroglyphs.Little do the stalwart adventurers realize that they’re being trailed by the minions of the Maestro, a deranged criminal kingpin, one of the earliest forerunners of the Mafioso.Set in the time of Napoleon, this action yarn spans the globe from the jungles of India, to the bustling cities of London and Paris, and across the Mediterranean Sea to the sun-scorched deserts of Egypt.Will Francois be the first person to solve the riddle of the Rosetta ...
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