M. K. Mathias
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 28

Awesome Opossum explores a farm. On his adventure, he helps young readers identify animals, machines, and everyday things. Awesome is a cute character, who was inspired by Dr. Seuss, and Beverly Cleary's "The Mouse and the Motorcycle." Awesome Opossum likes to rhyme, some of the time, and unlike other possums, he likes to have fun in the sun. Each book in The Adventures of Awesome Opossum, will transport your child away to a place where their imagination can grow in a smart, healthy manner.These books have large, easy to read print and are filled with colorful pages that will hold a child's attention raptly. The illustrations of Awesome the Opossum were done by award winning artist, Jack Hoyle, of T-rexstudios.com, and the text content, background clip-art, and layouts were designed by award winning K-3rd grade author, M. K. Mathias
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