Rebekah Blackmore
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 163

**THE GLITCH IN CHAPTER 22 HAS BEEN FIXED**When Emery Partridge's daughter, Molly, comes home from college, he thinks that the biggest secret he will have to keep from her is that her mother, Meredith, and he got a divorce without alerting their children. When it turns out that Molly is seven months pregnant, though, and that she's brought home a handsome friend from college, Emery learns that sometimes, it's harder to let love bloom and show others your emotions than it is to keep it a secret from everyone else.For Jesse Cauthers, falling in love with Molly's father was never in his five-year-plan, but once they begin spending time together, falling for Emery isn't up to Jesse anymore. It's all in fate's hands.53,000 words.
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