Jason S. Perry
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 18

Read this practical SHTF survival guide and discover...* What you need to know to survive in the wilderness.* How to practice making a wilderness shelter at home.* Where to build your SHTF wilderness shelter -- and where NOT to.* How to make your own camouflage clothing...and save a bundle.* How to get extreme weather clothing for a fraction of the price.* Where to find combat boots almost as good as the best ones, for less than half the cost.* How your words could get you in trouble as a prepper -- and how to avoid it.* How to avoid getting tracked everywhere you go (Yes, it's possible!)* Why you should never say these things on Facebook -- or you could become a target for the bad guys.* How to make simple tools out of rocks.* How to find and purify water in the wilderness....and many more prepping survival skills that will save your life when SHTF!
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