Brock Cannon
ASIN: B0196CB466
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 124

What if there was a simple and practical approach to reaching all your life's goals and dreams? What if the approach to tackling your life’s most challenging goals was more painless than you actually thought?What if you could rapidly reach the top of your mountain of success in business, health and relationships?After being hit by a car and severely injured, jobless, and hopeless, River is inspired by a wise yogi to abandon his old life in the big city and seek a new one. He heads across the country with the intention of seeing the great Rocky Mountains, Yellowstone, and the beauties of the Western U.S. What he finds, are three powerful teachers and a surprising way of life to painlessly achieve everything he's ever wanted. This unconventional approach is called, The Switchback Approach. As you come on this amazing journey, you'll learn the extraordinary step by step processes to ...
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