Laura van den Berg Sekac
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 88

Do you struggle with achieving your goals and dreams?When life is not working out for you, have you ever asked yourself, what is actually stopping you from living life the way you want it?  What needs to change to turn your goals and dreams into reality?  What problems in your health, work, or relationships need solving?Most of us usually know what we should do, but we just don't do it.  So the question is, why not?  Why do we hold ourselves back, and how can we fix it?In life, sometimes, we get uncomfortable, and it can be scary to consider change. Fear of not knowing what to do stops us in our tracks.Maybe you know what you want to achieve, but somehow can't make it happen.  Or maybe you feel that something in your life isn't right, and has to change.  Yet you don't know exactly how, and it drives you crazy. In any case, you want to turn your life around and start living. Instead of ...
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