Laura van den Berg Sekac
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 85

Feel Trapped? Is Your Life Not Working?  Are you stuck at life’s crossroads, unsure which way to go? Does your self-confidence need a boost? Do you have dreams and goals that don’t happen? Do you struggle with who you really are and how to express it?Maybe you want to transform something about your life, but you don’t know how, and it drives you crazy.There’s a deeper reason why all of this is going on.Get Unstuck Now book is about that reason --which few people are aware of.In any case, you want to put the spark back in your life, and feel alive and good in your skin, instead of letting doubts, negative beliefs, and frustration undermine you.With this empowering book, you’ll learn the strategies of smart people. Smart people look at the whole picture - beyond and deeper into themselves. They know the secret principles of life, and the way everything is interconnected. This ...
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