Ronald Paul Speakes
ASIN: B01991OC3G
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 222

The American philanthropist, Richard Palgrave, is asked by The Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia, to try to recover four masterworks stolen from the museum over forty years earlier. The paintings, he is told, were taken by two American soldiers in 1974 and left with a monk at a monastery near war-torn Hue, Vietnam. Intrigued by the possible implications of this, Palgrave takes on what turns out to be a harrowing mission to find and return the paintings to the rightful owners. This journey into a maze of geopolitical schemes and deceptions takes him from Vietnam to France to Los Alamos, NM, and even into the Delta of Mississippi. The greed and violence begun over a generation earlier leads him not only into peril but also into a mysterious pursuit of beauty. An intricate yet compelling work for the thoughtful reader.
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