Benjamin Jacob Bloch PhD
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 276

Why is this book different from all other books?Because I guarantee that this book alone can make you an authority. You won’t have to spend 50 years of research (like I did) to expose the secrets of da Vinci and Kabbalah. You won’t have to register for courses or attend lectures. This book, the first in a series, is not filled with the prosaic empty expressions found in other books, but real secrets, for you to use immediately.Here is a small sample of what is contained within. There are two famous expressions, one from ancient scripture the other from our modern age; Einstein’s equation energy-mass equation and YHVH in scripture. Do you see their similarity and relationship? View them now in an equivalent but more revealing Divine Duality.E = cmc is the quantitative and qualitative Einstein equation. Energy is matter enclosed within light, and Y = HVH as written in scripture.Have ...
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