Ryan Nolte PhD
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 62

The decisions you make and the things you do are all connected to your feelings and emotions. This book will help you master your emotions, so you can become happier and more successful in every facet of your life.How you handle your emotions, as well as how you react to the emotions of others, has a significant effect on the direction of your life. Increasing your emotional intelligence will not only give you the ability to manage your emotions, it will give you the power to use them in productive ways.Having someone yelling in your face is no fun, emotions can run high and be hard to tame.This is where emotional intelligence comes in. As you start to master and understand your feelings and emotions, you will find that it gets easier to be able to stop and think before you act or react. Having a high level of emotional intelligence will help you calmly defuse tense situations and ...
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