Tania Johnson
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 108

Chinese - Learn Chinese - In Days, Not Years!The Secrets to Language Learning, Chinese Phrases, & Speaking ChineseDo you know any country that does not have immigrants from other countries? Impossible isn’t it? Since the dawn of time people have been immigrating and migrating. That is why many countries have whole communities of natives from other countries; the Chinese community is often among these.♦ ♦ Free Bonus Gift - You don't want to MISS! ♦ ♦This book is your guide to understanding the people of this community. All the basics are covered in a clear understandable way. The difficulty of the language is made easier with the practical progressive way in which the language is broken down. The focus though is on the more commonly spoken dialect which is Mandarin Chinese.Vowels, greetings, relations, writing, and practice exercises are just some of the material contained ...
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