David Lucas
Publisher: Lulu
Pages: 358

The ancient Vietnamese life in which Tung was raised is being torn apart. It is not enough to work hard and grow rice anymore. Now every farmer in Mai Dong has to pick a side. The French or the Communists. "They are going to murder your father." Intelligence, humility and graft made Que an honorable figure in Mai Dong. His values ensured the family's survival through famine and flood. They will not protect him against the Communists, who need class-enemy victims for their land reform campaign. Tung becomes protector and provider for the family, who struggle to stick together as World War Two, the French Indochinese War, and the American War tear his country apart over forty years. Vietnam becomes the battleground for the cold war. Decisions made in Paris, Washington, Moscow and Peking force three generations of Tung's family to risk their lives just to survive in the changing landscape. ...
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