Kyle R Robertson
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 71

Conclusion of the four eBook series (Get the entire series under The Millennium Malevolence) In the 24th century, Adama Aruna was a history mentor who had been through a life changing suspenseful adventure. It began for her when she went out with her fellow lady mentors, Nanjiri and Alexis to Scallywags so the other two could meet men. Adama was unfortunately the only one to meet a guy, except that immortal danger guy wanted her obliterated for reasons she didn’t know. She was saved from certain death by a fellow mentor Gunter Svenechoven whose real name was Revyn VanEl. They escaped from the eternal demon, and the three women had to learn the pagan practice of Wiccan spells renamed Larrasomec in a secure location because Adama had to use it to fight the immortal with her annihilation in mind because she was an ancient Protector’s last descendant who destroyed his love during the ...
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