K M Shropshire
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 199

Jemima Collins knew she was far from being a beauty, but as the daughter of a wealthy businessman she wasn't without suitors. Despite possessing a curvaceous figure, her copper-colored hair was unfashionable, and her blunt manner of speaking left most males feeling out of their depth. Mr. and Mrs. Collins feared their daughter was being left on the shelf and wanted her to marry. Jemima's plan was to follow in her father footsteps by taking over his half of the business. She loved creating designs for beautiful pieces of furniture -- a talent her parents attempted to keep hidden from merchant society. The thought of giving up her independence filled her with dread. She had seen too many intelligent, young women give up on dreams of being anything more than a wife and mother. Society left a female with few alternatives. Lucian Douglas had known Jemima most of his life. They were ...
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