Christina Ross
Publisher: Christina Ross
Pages: 238

Holiday romance and mayhem from the international bestselling Annihilate Me series. More than 1.5 million books sold worldwide!Description: After one hellish year, Jennifer and Alex decide to take a break from it all and spend the holidays back in Maine with their extended family, only this time they don’t choose their home on the Maine coast. Instead, they rent a mansion at the popular ski resort, Sugarloaf Mountain.And while they’re there, apparently everything that can go wrong does go wrong in ways that are designed to keep you horrified—as well as howling.After all, at Sugarloaf, a motherlode of surprises await Blackwell, Daniella, Alexa, Cutter, Brock and Madison (from “Ignite Me”), and naturally, also Jennifer and Alex.Could there be love in the air for Blackwell? And also for Daniella and Alexa? And if there is for any of them, what fresh hell does that mean for ...
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