Rod Bremer
Publisher: Fons Sapientiae Publishing
Pages: 458

REVISED, UPDATED, AND RE-EDITED SECOND EDITIONThe Manual is the definitive guide to Enhanced Concentration, Super Memory, Speed Reading, Optimal Note-Taking, Rapid Mental Arithmetic, and the Ultimate Study Method (USM). The techniques presented are the culmination of decades of practical experience combined with the latest scientific research and time-tested practices. The system described herewith will allow the practitioner to:Read faster with higher comprehension.Store information in long-term memory.Enhance concentration and focus.Access deeper levels of the mind.Induce relaxation. Master the Ultimate Study Method (USM).USM is a synergistic combination of established techniques for Concentration, Long-Term Memory Storage, Speed Reading, and Note-Taking. It involves a systematic procedure that allows the practitioner to study any topic fast, efficiently and effectively. USM can be ...
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