Fanny Kelly
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Fanny Kelly (1845-1904) was a Kansas pioneer woman captured by the Sioux and freed five months later. She later wrote a book about her experiences called Narrative of My Captivity among the Sioux Indians in 1871. THIS is the title of a very interesting narrative of the capture of Mrs. Fanny Kelly, in 1864, who was en route with her husband and a little adopted daughter with a small band of other emigrants to the Far West. They were surrounded just at nightfall by a troop of Sioux Indians, who at first feigned friendship, but very soon, notwithstanding they were treated with kindness and liberality by the unfortunate party, began a murderous attack, killing several, and taking Fanny, her adopted daughter, and a Mrs. Larimer prisoners. Mrs. Larimer got away the second night, but our authoress remained for five months- the victim of cruelty, exposure, fear, and despair, but having an ...
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