J. Stoute
ASIN: B019P93H9C
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 123

At the difficult age of 14, Allison Perkins is ready to give it all up. Throughout school Allison had always been on the thinner side, battling with her weight in a war she couldn't win. Her classmates were as cruel as you'd expect—choosing to ignore her existence or, when they did notice her, taunting her mercilessly.Deciding that a short drop and a quick stop is the only solution, she ties the noose, climbs the ladder, and prepares to meet her end.She hadn't expected Jordan—her 18-year-old guardian angel—to show up and free her from the noose. Jordan shows Allison glimpses of the future—of what might be, if she lived, and what would come if she didn't. Knowing what she now knows, Jordan gives her the greatest gift: the choice to live, with the possibility of the future she saw; or to die here, alone, swinging from a noose.Can Allison believe the visions that Jordan shows her ...
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