Mitzi C
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 257

HER BLOOD COULD SAVE THE WORLD... KANDI is a 19-year-old girl who harbors extreme social anxiety as a result of past torture and certain uncanny abilities. The last place she wants to be is anywhere near people.​JUAN is an 18-year-old boy born to an underage, single mother. His dreams of a brighter future were crushed when he was arrested for killing his father.Cleverly orchestrated circumstances drive Kandi and Juan to meet and form a peculiar bond that may end up saving the galaxy. But first they must overcome their own trauma in order to destroy a government-funded organization set to unleash a devastating contagion upon humanity... one which could only be cured by Kandi’s blood. In Liquid Death, Kandi must conquer her fears and defeat her only friend and worst enemy: her father. Meanwhile, Juan must do all he can to save the girl... if only to learn the truth about himself. ** ...
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